5-year project to ensure a person's experience with PUMC's building matches our words of grace and welcome.



Transforming for Tomorrow is an initiative of Plainfield United Methodist Church that will update, renovate, and prepare its building for effective and meaningful ministry tomorrow and beyond. Through this five-year project, we will improve the building and property at 600 Simmons Street, Plainfield, to the point where we can provide everyone, especially newcomers, the full experience of the grace and love of God that we talk about, so that all of a person’s experience — from ease of parking, wayfinding signs, a pleasant appearance, security for children, up-to-date restrooms, and more — matches our words of grace and welcome. Find project details and plans here, as well as photos, helpful documents, FAQ’s, and leadership contact information.









Rev. Charlie Wilfong

Senior Pastor

Pastor Charlie Wilfong joined the PUMC staff on July 1, 2014 as Lead Pastor. Prior to PUMC, he enjoyed the ministry of a district superintendent, shepherding and coaching pastors and congregations . After serving seven years on the district, he is glad to be serving a local congregation and preaching regularly. His passions for ministry include preaching, shepherding, prayer, leadership, and coaching church leaders and volunteers.


Charlie and his wife Donna have two beautiful daughters. Daughter Abby teaches Math and Science and lives in Jeffersonville, Indiana with her husband, Jacob Kerns. They live at the grand-childrens’ house – Bryan (10 yrs.) and Josie (1 yr.) Daughter Jessi graduated from Prosser School of Technology in Culinary Arts. She is at home in Clarksville, Indiana with Uno, the cat. The majority of the week, you can find her at Texas Roadhouse, where she is a server.

Kimberly Meyer

Steering Committee Chairperson

Rev. Elizabeth Gilbert

Communications Chairperson

Pastor Elizabeth Gilbert brings a passion for communicating the work of Jesus and the Church in ways that invite, include, and welcome people from all walks of life into a loving relationship with Jesus. Working with a gifted team of volunteers and church staff, Elizabeth will emphasize transparent, helpful, engaging, and inclusive messaging about Transforming for Tomorrow and its vision for the future ministry and mission of PUMC.

Bill Edie

Finance & Fundraising Chairperson

Bill and his wife Kathy are long time members of PUMC. Bill works for Target in Facility Management. Bill and Kathy and have 3 grown children and 4 beautiful granddaughters. Bill is also Chairman of Finance for the PUMC. He also served as Chairman of the Building Committee and has been a long time member of the adult choir.

Paul Schreiner

Planning Committee Chairperson

Paul was born in Franklin, Indiana and was raised in the country near Taylorsville.  He describes his childhood home as having an Edinburg address, Flat Rock telephone number and attending Columbus schools. 

He is a member of the last class to graduate diploma from General Motors Institute (now Kettering, University).  


Paul and Shana have been married for 35 years and met when they were both co-op students at Allison Transmission (then Detroit Diesel Allison) where in June he will have been employed there for 40 years.  

Paul and Shana first attended services at PUMC in June of 1987 and went camping with Genesis Sunday School class five days later, where they have developed friendships worthy of a lifetime!  

Paul enjoys fishing, woodworking and construction. He has been a member of the PUMC Board of Trustees for 17 of the last 20 years.

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